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Carpet Cleaning & Care

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Create a warm, welcoming, and healthy home - starting from the ground up! The Dirt Army is your professional source for carpet cleaning and carpet care.

Your carpeting is constantly exposed to different agitators, and it needs a professional leg-up to be a clean and comfort baseline for your interior. That’s where our carpet cleaning professionals come to the rescue.

professional carpet cleaner cleaning carpet

Our process includes

Step 1
Preparation and Inspection

Every service starts with a detailed inspection to pinpoint any stains, or special circumstances that we need to address.

Step 2

Every spot and stain receives a pre-conditioning treatment. This allows us to deep-penetrate eyesores and extract them for good.

Step 3
Rotary Scrubbing and Rinsing $20 Extra per Room

Our rotary scrubber allows us to live up to our promise of a “deep clean.” With 40 treatments applied to each square foot of carpeting, we ensure that your surface gets the best. The most important details? We never use soap. More on that below!

Step 4

After scrubbing and rinsing your carpeting, we extract the water used in the process. This minimizes drying time and leaves your carpeting ready for enjoyment.

Step 5
pH Balancing

Every service ends with a pH balance treatment. This lends a soft texture to your carpeting and prevents it from being a dirt magnet.

Why We're a Soap-FREE Carpet Cleaning Service

Although it might sound counter-intuitive, soap is the last thing your carpet needs. It leaves residue, acts as a glue for dirt and dust, and causes your carpet fibers to degrade.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning solution is the better alternative. With our chemical-free solution, you get a more beautiful carpet - and can even go longer between carpet cleanings!

Some of Our Carpet Cleaning Reviews From Google

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Star Rating: 5
Created: Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 10:34am
Google Review ID: AbFvOqmrc1U4kbmiiR-kbaOhDAIaPF7VTm8KWbrG5wPw2Av1dgRvYBEj9bOOW_nMFEXWGyyVuGH0dw

I am so excited!!!! They did an AMAZING job and will be recommending them to everyone I know!!!!! I am beyond happy to finally have a reliable carpet cleaner! Thank you Gary!!!!!!

Stephanie Duffy

Posted 7/14/2021 on Google

Star Rating: 5
Created: Friday, July 9, 2021 at 1:59pm
Google Review ID: AbFvOqkHmSZpkjeAa0xcFDJn6iHX0_kLWseEX9B1BDCmQV0GMpMQlDMVu4Kqsfh_3JQjOG2qpkua

They were amazing!!! 10000/10! My carpets had stains on them and they did a really great job getting them out. The carpets looked brand new once they were done. They showed up on time, the are very polite and professional. For a first time service it was beyond amazing! I’m very happy with dirt army and definitely will be getting another carpet cleaning done by them!

Nikoleta Angelova

Posted 7/9/2021 on Google

Star Rating: 5
Created: Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 10:42am
Google Review ID: AbFvOqlpsirs2Ox7DvMiN79k2g7nptPTO_CjZ9F986uJClwlLjLONKI92lx7SDYYtF1gsEIgT4DUxg

We have been using the Dirt Army carpet cleaning for years. With three kids and pets Gary has always done a great job. We also had an elderly dog that would not always make it outside and Gary was able to make our carpets look and smell like new again. I recommend Dirt Army to anyone looking for a carpet cleaner.

Amanda knight

Posted 4/14/2019 on Google