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Maintenance Tips for Your Carpet & Fabrics

The following simple tips will help you improve the appearance of your carpeting and upholstery while also extending their life: Entrance Mats – Using entrance mats inside and outside of doorways will reduce the amount of soil brought onto your carpet. As much as 75% of the dirt and grime in your carpet is tracked-in…

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Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Myths

Carpet cleaning is the subject of much confusion with consumers. Here are some of the leading myths about carpet cleaning and the actual truth behind the misconceptions. Myth: Cleaning carpeting too often can ruin it. This is a misconception we hear frequently. Dirt left in carpeting breaks down carpet fibers and accelerates wear. Because dirt…

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How to Maintain Your Upholstery

How to Maintain Your Upholstery It’s an expensive investment that is utilized daily, but often overlooked when the subject of maintenance cleaning comes up. Yes, it’s your upholstered furniture. When was the last time your sofa, loveseat or favorite recliner chair had a thorough cleaning? While upholstery doesn’t attract the same amount of soiling as…

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Welcome to Our New Website!

Thank you for visiting our company blog. Check back often for updates about our company, client testimonials, and tips and tricks for a healthy home and office. The Dirt Army is Your #1 Source for Carpet Cleaning in Murrietta, CA The Dirt Army is an IICRC certified cleaning company. Put your trust in us for…

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